Surgeries: what is the limit between aesthetic care and obsession?

The world of aesthetics, beauty and image care is often at the limit of what is allowed. For this reason, those who must put the necessary brakes so that the situation does not get out of control are the doctors.

The important thing is to detect in which cases it is acceptable to have cosmetic surgery. There are patients who have had children and their bodies are different and aged. They want to improve or replace all their tissues in the position they were in before, so they request cosmetic surgery.

Everything mentioned is acceptable, as long as the person who wants to perform the operation is not a minor. If it is, a prior evaluation should be made by the medical team and a psychologist, since many of the aesthetic modifications that are requested are to improve and correct malformations. There must also be a prior talk with the parents because beyond the age of 18 and can decide for themselves, and the family is the one who accepts or rejects the situation.